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We service all makes and models of car,4x4 and light commercial vehicle.
All vehicles can let you down at some point no matter how new they are or how well you try and look after them.

  Is your vehicle almost new and still under a manufacturers warranty ?

  However, if you have your vehicle serviced at regular intervals you can minimize the chances of having a   breakdown. The oil in your engine can be compared to the blood in your body. Fail to keep it in good condition, or   allow the level to fall below minimum level, and you are heading for disaster.

  Manufacturer's extended service intervals may be quite satisfactory if you live in the South of England but we   recommend interim 6 monthly checks to combat the rigours of the Scottish winter.

  A pre-winter check of engine oil, coolant freezing point, windscreen wipers and most importantly, tyre tread depths,   are essential for engine performance and your safety.

  A check in Spring of the vehicle underbody, and especially the brake system, can save money in the longer term.   Binding brakes, due to corrosion caused by road salt, can ruin brake pads, discs, and calipers.

Contact us for a full check and comprehensive report.

  Since October 2003 European Union legislation allows you to take your vehicle   to any VAT registered garage for servicing whilst under warranty.

  Provided that the correct manufacturers service schedule is followed, parts of   equal or superior quality are fitted, and the correct specification lubricants are   used, your warranty should not be invalidated.

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