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Class 4 and Class 7 MOT’s carried out.

  Class 4 and Class 7 MOT’s are carried out using the   latest Automated Test Lanes

Book your MOT test in plenty of time.

  Your vehicle can be presented for an MOT test up to 28 days   before the existing test expires.

  Should the vehicle fail the test during that period it gives you, the   owner, time to arrange alternative transport and allows us time   to order replacement parts should they be required.

  If your vehicle passes the test then the new certificate will run for   12 months from the previous certificates expiry date.

The following points will ensure the MOT test proceeds smoothly :-

  If you drive anything slightly 'odd-ball' please bring along the relevant V5-C, usually referred to as the   'registration document' or 'log book'. In some circumstances we may need it to proceed with the test.

  Please ensure there is enough fuel in the vehicle. The engine has to be run for much of the test, not just   during the emissions check. In certain circumstances, we may even need to road test it.

  Please check your oil and coolant levels. We are unable to proceed with the test if the levels are too low.   Advise us if you are happy for us to top these fluids up should it be required.

  If the vehicle is fitted with a timing belt please advise us when it was last replaced as failure during the   emissions test could cause catastrophic engine damage. This is particularly pertinent to diesel engined   vehicles.

  Do we have the key for your fuel cap? We need to check the sealing arrangement.

  (You would be surprised how often we are left with a spare set of keys and the key we need is missing!)

  VOSA, who set the test standards, say we must fail the car if the drivers view of the road is obstructed.   Please remove all 'dangly' items from the rear view mirror, non-essential windscreen stickers, sat-nav   brackets etc.

  If the vehicle is too dirty it is a ‘reason to refuse to inspect’. You may need to clean it first, especially   underneath. If you are not sure about something, like for example a chip in your windscreen, then pop in   before the test is due and we will try and advise you in advance.

  Please don't be late for your appointed time. Some test stations schedule their work very carefully. Some   people do not realise that a service and an MOT test are two different things and that periodically your car   will require both.

  Please leave any special instructions with reception as a note left in the car may be inadvertently   overlooked.

  Please read the advisory notice if issued and do not hesitate to ask if you would like it explaining further.

We may report items that are not a part of the test.