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Vehicle Diagnostic Checks

  Modern vehicles are packed with the latest electronic systems. Whilst usually   being very reliable they can, and do, fail. Faults in these systems can only be   fully diagnosed using expensive state of the art computer technology.

  We use three different hand held computer systems to help diagnose and rectify   the many faults which may occur. These are the Bosch KTS650, the Autodiagnos   Multi Tester Pro, and the Nextech AD200 Carman Scan. Between them they cover   all European, Japanese and Asian vehicles.

  If you have an Engine Management system, ABS, or SRS warning light   illuminated on your instrument panel we can identify the cause of the problem.

  There will be an initial charge to download and identify the stored faults. The   cost of further in depth fault analysis and rectification can then be assessed and   discussed.

  Diagnostic computers are expensive tools which are used to identify faults on   your vehicle. They do not repair faults, only guide technicians to the possible   cause.

  Having a Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) 'put out' without first tracing and   rectifying the fault causing it to illuminate is not recommended. This merely   masks faults which may result in expensive engine damage.